How do I Pay for my Order?

We accept email transfer, VISA and Mastercard. 

All credit card transactions are limited to $500. If using email e-transfer, please note, your first order since October 1st 2020 will be subject to a $500 limit; which will be lifted for orders after this. 

To ensure your order gets processed quickly and without any problems, we ask that you carefully follow the payment instructions provided at time of checkout. 

E-transfer details will change with every order. The following is an example of the e-transfer instructions that will appear:

IMPORTANT: Do not put any comments, notes or references to Dickpunch, vapes, or anything ordered/product related, anywhere in the e-transfer.  Payment will be declined if these words are found anywhere in the transfer. 

We will deposit your e-transfer as soon as possible and process your order accordingly in the order it was received.  Once payment is accepted by us, you will receive notification.  After you receive notification of your payment acceptance, please allow time for your order to be fully processed and shipped.

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